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  • If you are not happy with the system or the level of service you are receiving, we are offering a 60 day 100% money back guarantee!
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Soccer Betting Secrets Rule No.2 - Bet on what you know

It is hard enough working out who will win a football match without complicating things still further by betting on an a game when you know nothing about the teams or the league.

Don't be tempted to place large amounts of money or even a little amount on an obscure match in the Chilean or Brazilian League just because you read one article on it.  Most articles don’t reveal all information about the game. So you need to do your homework finding and gathering as much information from reliable sources

If you consider the people involved ( the players, the referees, the managers) that means more than 30 variables (with substitutes). That doesn't even include variables like the state of the pitch, international call-ups, long-term injuries, financial implications, transfers, legal and disciplinary procedures and many more.

South American games seem exciting - until the bet loses. And when you find out (after the match) that a star forward was on international duty or great defender was out injured then you'll feel stupid. The bookmakers knew about this - that's why they set that tempting price.

I make my profit on the English Premier League and Spanish La Liga because I get to see extended coverage of EVERY game.

You should put away your feeling about your favorite team when betting on soccer. As an avid punter, what important most is about winning money.

You must not take sides on your favorite team simply because you will end up putting bets on their side just because they are your favorite team.

This will not work in the long run when it comes to making money from soccer betting. This is one secret that is all the while out there that new punters just overlooked.

You can read more about my book “Make your bookie your ATM machine” at SoccerBettingPro is you are really serious about making huge money from soccer betting.
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