Sports Handicap - Why You Don't Need to Be a Sports Fan to Start Winning Money From Sports Betting

Contrary to popular beliefs, sports handicap betting is not something that should only be enjoyed by the die hard sports fans. In fact, to approach sports handicap betting from a fan's point of view can be extremely deadly and result in heavy losses as many sports fans can testify. The problem with sports fans is their belief that their in-depth knowledge on the various sports rules, team rosters and player conditions would result in their ability to predict accurate match results, but the effect of such information can become a double-edged sword in actual sports handicap betting.

Sports betting is more a matter of mathematics than star players

The reason why the most knowledgeable sports fan would only gain minimal advantage in sports betting, is simply because the nature of handicap betting revolves around statistics, probabilities and complex mathematics than breaking news from the sports sections. Sportsbooks pay top dollars for statisticians and analysts to create match handicaps that can gather as close to a 50/50 bet spread on both competing teams as possible, therefore it does not matter if you have information that a specific team has a little known secret weapon sitting on the bench, because the people at the sportsbooks have already factored that in and adjusted the handicaps accordingly.

The uninformed one takes all the money

Sports fans tend to have pre-conceived notions about certain players, teams, match conditions and other factors based on past results, but this is nothing more than gambling on chances. After all, we are not pitting robots against each other, so the same teams can play each other 100 times and the statistics of every match would not be exactly identical. Sure, there are ways for sports betting experts to use past match data to their advantage, but if you are merely looking at what goes on in the stadiums, then you are just one of the hopeful,speculative and ignorant fans that end up losing all your hard earned money on the deceivingly simple game of sports handicap betting.