• Years of trial and error have gone into perfecting our strategy. We have done all the hard work and have created a winning formula we are proud of.
  • If you are new to betting or a seasoned gambler, this is an opportunity for you to start consistently making money without taking uncomfortable risks.
  • The size of your starting balance is completely up to you, however small or large.
  • We have put together a training guidebook which clearly explains exactly what you need to do to make money.
  • You will receive a tailor made and automated spreadsheet aligned to our staking plan. This will save you from any number crunching and will clearly show you how much money you have invested and how much you have made.
  • If you have any questions our team will be on hand to support you along the way.
  • If you are not happy with the system or the level of service you are receiving, we are offering a 60 day 100% money back guarantee!
  • If you love our system, which we know you will, we offer a referral bonus for every friend that purchases our guidebook
  • If you have a busy lifestyle, we offer VIP membership, where by you will receive a daily email detailing which bets to place and where. All you have to do is spend 2 minutes each day placing your bets in the comfort of your own home or while you are on the move.

Assured Soccer Profits

Assured Soccer Profits is one of my favourite football trading systems and if I had more spare time, I’d certainly use it more often. It’s very safe and makes steady profits with a number of qualifying matches most days.

Not only does the strategy make consistent profits, but it also teaches many of the skills required to trade successfully with any system.

Click here to read more about Assured Soccer Profits.

Assured Soccer Profits or ASP is a profitable system based around the correct score market on Betfair. It is a very safe strategy and in many trades, the profit is locked in by half-time.

When I do not have many correct score trades of my own, I often look for some ASP trades (especially during international weeks) and there are very few days when I cannot find a number of qualifying matches. On busy Saturdays, there are more qualifying matches than I would ever have time to trade.

It is not necessary to have an encyclopedic knowledge of football to use the system either. All you need is the in-play list on Betfair and a quick check of the stats for both teams. I have traded Women’s World Cup games profitably and I know absolutely nothing about women’s football!

For a one-off price, ASP members have lifetime access to a special member area on the Assured Soccer Profits website which contains ebooks, video tutorials and more. Almost everything you need to begin trading the ASP system is right there, all that’s required on top is a bit of time and patience to learn the system.

Assured Soccer Profits is one of the best football trading systems which has ever been produced and I would encourage everyone to use it in order to make money and improve trading skills.

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